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Butchers Club Difference

Pioneers in Hong Kong, The Butchers Club brings the resurgent trend of dry aging beef to Asia. Considered a dying art until recently, dry aging used to be the only method of aging beef but was replaced by easier and more profitable modern methods. However, the expertise was not forgotten completely, and at the Butchers Club we have the finest artisan dry aging specialists to ensure the meat is perfectly matured.

Once you’ve tried one of our 30-to-45-day dry aged beef steaks there’s no going back. At The Butchers Club, you can invest in your very own 8 to 10kg piece of rib eye or sirloin, have it placed in our dry aging room to be tenderly cared for by our dry age specialists, and 30-45 days later you'll have a party’s worth of steaks in absolutely prime eating condition.

And the adventure doesn't doesn't have to end there. In the evenings, our artisan butchery switches to a fantastic private dining area where you can have your beef prepared by our expert chefs for an unforgettable foodie experience.

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