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Welcome to The Butchers Club!
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  • Our Guarantee

    Your complete satisfaction with your Butchers Club order is our first priority.

    We Guarantee:

    • Your fresh meat order will arrive with each item individually vacuum-sealed.
    • The thickness of the steak is depending on the weight and the whole primal the butchers cut and the photo is for reference only.

    • Non-perishable merchandise, non-meat food products, and processed meat products are guaranteed to arrive in undamaged, ready-to-use condition.
    • The contents of your order are packed at our facility and conveniently delivered to you in our own refrigerated van
    • When refrigerated in the original vacuum-sealed packaging, your fresh meat products will be safe for consumption for up to 7 days after the scheduled delivery date in chilled condition.
    • When products are frozen after delivery in the original vacuum-sealed packaging, your fresh meat products will remain palatable for up to 90 days from the scheduled delivery date.

    If you have any concern with your order (i.e., product condition, defective or damaged packaging, non-delivery, etc.), contact one of our Butchers within 72 hours of the scheduled delivery.

    If you have a quality complaint about product you have frozen after delivery, email onlinestore.butchersclub@fwmfnb.com no later than 24 hours after you have defrosted it.

    When contacting our Butcher, be sure to have your Order Confirmation handy as it contains your order number, scheduled delivery date, and other important information that is specific to your order.

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