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The Butchers Club Private Kitchen

The Butchers Club is a working butchery during the day. At night, we transform the kitchen and butchery into a unique and intimate experiential dining venue where parties of 8-16 guests get to appreciate some of the most amazing food and service that Asia has to offer. Take a tour of our specialist dry-ageing room, get an understanding of a working artisan butchers shop and then stay to enjoy or fantastic, custom dry-aged beef and amazing seafood.

How does it work?

Step 1) Our guests pre-purchase a whole primal cut of beef (9-11kg) at a wholesale market price, we then age it in our dry-ageing room under watchful eye of our dry-ageing specialist for 30-60 days. If there is insufficient time to custom dry-age for your then it is sometimes possible for us to select a piece already in our dry-ageing room for you. The beef will be presented and butchered in front of your guests and prepared as part of a sumptuous feast.

Step 2) Prepaying for the cost of the beef (HK$3,000-5,000) acts as our deposit for booking the private room, all other cost are on top.

Please contact our events department at events.butchersclub@fwmfnb.com, or by telephone on 2884 0768 for bookings before arranging for payment.

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