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The Butchers Club TV...Coming Soon!


ned-cover-photo-small.jpgThe Butchers Club, as you may have already noticed, is a group of slightly wacky, yet very passionate individuals. We love sharing our tips and tricks with our customers and so will soon be bringing you The Butchers Club TV. Watch out for videos on things like how to cook the best steak, or how to make the best burger, as well as The Butchers Club’s rules on how many beers you must imbibe before even considering touching any dangerous machinery.

There’ll be guest appearances from celebrity chefs, cook-offs, and much, much more, with many sponsorship opportunities along the way. Watch our teaser video for an idea of the sort of fun you can expect from The Butchers Club TV. We are always happy to hear your suggestions or queries about sponsorship opportunities – drop us a line at sponsorship@butchersclub.com.hk

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